Dance with Shadow. Berlin

Dance with Shadow. Berlin

Only the light now is appreciated, but where this light is come from?
The other side of darkness bring the light to us.
Tatsumi Hijikata

This event is an opportunity to contact with dark, unclear and forgotten parts of your soul in the safe environment by using creativity and movement. To find your own dance with the most energised and mute parts of your own soul. How can I find my own way, my position, my truth while the world consist of aggressiveness and sexuality, madness and ugliness, power and deception…

Dance in our culture is the safest and most available way to be The Other, to go beyond usual roles. 

A person who is possessed by Shadow, always stands in her way. Shadowing her own existence she makes unfavorable impression of herself and rejects real life opportunities. Luck passes her, forcing her to live in constant dissatisfaction below the level of her opportunities 

You can experience an inconceivable feelings, have the desires that seems forbidden, and so alienate its, converting into projections, and then transfer its onto friends and enemies, lovers and relatives. So we are splitting ourselves into hundreds of mirror fragments and scattering its around. To collect all these reflections from the mirrors, do not miss the smallest ones is the necessary stage on our way to the wholeness, when we are going as physical, mental and spiritual being toward eternity.

On the way of integration of Shadow we couldn’t neither restrain it nor surrender, just be with it as a partners. And then you can dance with the Shadow and find the gifts of power and beauty in this dance.

What part of it could become a part of my dance?
How can i accept this destructive fullness of life and keep dynamic balance of light and dark breathing in a deep and genuine way?
Look into the eyes of beasts and don’t dissolve?

At this event we will go into direction of awareness and creative shaping of this hidden power inside us.

Some workshop’s topics:

Shadow as a danger and resource
Shadow in a body and emotions
Safety rules and effective strategies in work with the Shadow
Dance with Shadow as necessary part of integral life

DATES: April 21-22 2018, Berlin
COST: 150€, 75€ prepayment to reserve the spot
QUESTIONS and REGISTRATION:, 017698260006 Alexandra